"FAKEYE is an artistic name created by combining "fake" and "eye", which represents the third eye of a photographer, his camera" says Livio.

Livio has been in love with the ocean for 10 years. Born in Belgium, raised in a city, he was disconnected from nature until he discovered « diving » while he was doing an internship in Malta right after his studies.

He went back to Belgium. After one month, he decided to leave his country and pursue his dream, checked how to become a « professional diver » and flew to Thailand. That’s when his life literally changed.

The underwater world became a passion, a new perspective on life and our planet. He did everything I could do to become a divemaster and underwater videographer in Thailand.

He created my nickname Fakeye (Fake Eye) to establish a new identity as an underwater artist. This is because I’ve been using my camera as an eye to capture moments in life.

He noticed the effect of fishing on every scuba dive. It was sad that the big fish were gone, the ghost nets were there, the corals were broken. He started to get more involved in conservation with his friends day by day.

Then he discovered freediving and the art of holding your breath to reach the great depths. How could people do that? It looked impossible! So he took a course, then another one and finally got hooked. A few days later, he was going as deep as like scuba diving. The mental aspect and lifestyle motivated me to pursue freediving as a career and he decided to go to Indonesia to learn.

He worked as a freediving instructor for about 3 years and in the meantime he took underwater photos for himself. His next step was to become a professional underwater photographer on 1 breath. He was looking at some photographers on IG, and thought he  could do it as well. He could be the official photographer for freediving athletes and as well raise awareness for the oceans.

He had his first experience with the Australian Depth Championship in 2016 in Bali. It was very hard but amazing ! Right after he was asked to photograph a World Record Attempt in Bali as well, that was it, his dream was becoming true.

Next year he moved to Dahab in Egypt, the Mecca of freediving. Soon he became the photographer for every competition in the world famous Blue Hole. He made lot of connection, met many champions, organisers, judges, friends. He worked with Dahab Freedivers which is famous in the worldwide. He was making photoshoot for students and athletes in the trainings, workshops and so on. He was honoured to have a wonderful photo he took hanging on their wall.

In the mean time, he was enrolled as an ambassador for Alchemy, the carbon fins company. One of his biggest desire was to have a stronger voice for ocean conservation and that’s when WeSustainability appeared. A company that put words into action and now uses his photos for campaigns for the ocean protection. It was the most intense years of his career and he was working hard. But then, Covid came. He had to sell his underwater equipments and stopped for almost 2 years. He had no choice. Luckily, he still had a good old Nikonos V to have fun! He partnered with a brand called Hugyfot from Belgium and they appointed him as World Ambassador.

Now armed with his new equipment, he keeps creating and expending his reach.

All the photos are taken while freediving, it means while holding his breath underwater. Reason is, he wants to be as free as possible without equipment and fit in the element like a fish to get closer to them.

Noticing the beauty of the deep blue but as well the problems related to pollution and overfishing, he decided to use his work to show the reality, that many of us are not able to witness. To him this is the most important part. “Photography is powerful and I want to use it in the right way”, Livio.

His work is showcased in magazines, websites, exhibitions, advertising and in teaching material for freediving and conservation work. ​ 

​He is a World Ambassador for Hugyfot, a Belgian company for underwater housing. ​ He is as well an Ambassador for WE Sustainabilty & Wasted Shoes.

Livio keeps travelling a lot for his work and to teach underwater photography.

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